Shipboiler is a company that undertakes general repairs and refills in all types of boilers and coolers for ships in Greece and abroad. Guarantee, many years of experience.

Shipboiler manages to be consistent in very good delivery times, as well as having competitive prices. Since 1964 Shipboiler proves it with great precision.

Shipboiler is a specialized repairman, which uses the most modern and extensively customized equipment for boiler repair. The company is certified with the international quality standards ISO 9001: 2015 as well as with the national certificates for its technicians.

The work of our company can be done at sea and in the bay in the best possible time with the minimum required number of engineers. Also our company can completely prefabricate the boiler repair (yard response configurations) based on plans.

1964 V. SPARIDIS: He started his career at Hellenic Shipyards, specializing in steam boilers, ships and factories, with a special ability in the design and construction of boiler yards.

Today, under the brand name Shipboiler, the company successfully operates in boilers and coolers, with countless customers around the world.